Stream or download our
mini album "Prequel" (2021)
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Stream or download our
mini album "Closure" (2020)




"Burn" (Official Video)
"Atlas" (Official Video)
"Last Days Of Summer" (Official Video)
"State Of Masks" (Official Video)
"Same Old Song" (Official Video)




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BLOSSOM CULT ventured into the open just when the world stopped for the first time due to the pandemic.
This historical turning point gave the hymnic prog songs and their deep lyrics a new dimension and the band would be stopped by nothing.
The group around János Romualdo Krusenbaum and Maximilian Krüger virtually exhausted themselves by publishing two critically acclaimed mini albums (2020's „Closure“ & 2021's „Prequel“), accompanied by five successful music videos and countless live performances in no time.

BLOSSOM CULT follow the vision of creating a safe haven for the growing number of people who feel lost in the modern zeitgeist through their emotional music and rousing live shows.
A musical refuge for all those who refuse to join any side.

Thus all signs point towards storm for BLOSSOM CULT.
Next to their plans for new spectacular live shows, the band puts all energy and passion into preparing their highly anticipated full length debut album which is scheduled for late 2023.


János Romualdo Krusenbaum – vocals, guitars, keyboards
Maximilan Krüger – guitars, backing vocals
Elias Bauer – keyboards, backing vocals
Maurice Hoch - bass
Peter Robers - drums





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