Our new mini LP - Prequel (05/11/2021)
Stream or download our new mini LP "Prequel" (Out on 05/11/2021)
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Stream or download our debut EP "Closure"




"State of Masks" (Official Video)
"Last Days Of Summer" (Official Video)
"Burn" (Official Video)
"Atlas" (Official Video)
"Same Old Song" (Official Video)





The First year for fresh new Prog Metal act BLOSSOM CULT was as turbulent as a band’s first year could get.

Formed precisely when that certain, unforeseen crisis hit the globe in March 2020, the band ventured out against all odds to build a safe haven for those free spirits who feel trapped in our modern and torn up society.

They released their critically acclaimed debut EP “Closure” in September 2020, accompanied by three successful video releases.

Now the group around János Romualdo Krusenbaum (vocals, guitar, keyboard), Max Krüger (guitar, backing vocals) and Rik Schindler (drums, backing vocals) brings you its successor – a profound concept piece entitled “Prequel”.

The new songs are a bold reflection of the new state of the world, which do not shy away from controversial topics and themes yet also don’t side with any debate that have split society like it has with ours.

In a world so confused, scared and torn apart, BLOSSOM CULT emphasize the importance of free, expressive art that tries to put things into perspective and gives people a chance to process and experience this “new normal” society on an emotional and deeper level.




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Simon Gatzka | Header-Picture
Nath Hera / Inversus Art | Cover Artworks
MEY Productions | Label

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